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And things fall into place...

To start off I would like to share some exciting news! I have decided to extend my internship here for another three months! This means I will be going back to the US the beginning of November (probably right after my birthday). The timing of this has to do with the language class I'm taking now and the one I hope to take after this. I'm extending in order to continue learning through my internship and also to be able to learn more German. Why learn more German if I'm just coming back to the US? Well, that's the thing. I'm planning on coming back and studying at the university in German. That's why the German is kind of important.
Whenever I tell people about these plans, their immediate reaction is, "Oh wow! So you must absolutely love living in Germany!!!!" And my response is a little less enthusiastic.
Does this mean I hate Germany? No, of course not!
The reason I feel like I'm not able to enthusiastically respond without someho…

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