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German class!

Somehow the time got away from me...
...and I've been here for three months!
In these three months I've met so many wonderful people. I was able to go to a really cool place called "Welcome Treff," which is basically a place for internationals (mostly refugees) to connect. They have meetings multiple times a week for people to practice German with the guidance of a native German speaker. So while waiting for my paperwork to go through that I needed to start German language school I took part in these "classes." It was a really great way to meet people, and I met a lot of really great people!
Then a couple of weeks ago, my paperwork came through, and I registered at the language school. I was able to take a placement test and start my class all in the same week! What a blessing! Thank you, Jesus! So now I'm very busy between the relationship building I was focusing on before and the German class I'm attending now. I'm excited to get to know the …

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